Hemp Meal for Horses April 02 2013

Synjyn is a sensitive warmblood that as a youngster was brilliant in the show ring. As he got older he began to develop some training issues and became difficult to ride and show in the ring. It was discovered that he had developed ulcers.

He was first treated with the usual round of Omeprazole which helped initially but after some time the issues would come up again. I began to look at the label of his feed to see what was in it. It was full of sugar and other things I that really shouldn't be in horse feed. I began to look at at whole food diet for him that was a high fat, high protein, high fibre with minimal starch.

As part of this whole food diet, I use Bo's Hemp Meal as it contains ingredients that are good fats for his diet that don't heat. Hemp meal is high in fibre as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9 that are known to help heal and increase digestion. Bo's hemp meal has become a regular part of his daily diet that is key in his health. He is going so well now that he is going like a hunter.

I also feed the hemppaw treats as rewards for good training sessions for both Synjyn and my youngster Cameo. I attribute Hemp Meal to be a key part of Synjyn's success and complete turn around. I now have a very happy horse who loves his job.