I Love Bo's Spice! June 19 2014

I love Bo's Spice and take it with me camping. I use it daily!

Jim Garner


Great Price for Hemp Oil February 02 2014

Hi Judy,

I just want to let you know how great your Hemp Oil products are. Over the years I have purchased other products at $60 per bottle of floor cleaner/conditioner from the store who laid our hard wood flooring. The stuff barely worked, was hard to apply and did not last.

The tester bottle you gave us to try I used a month ago. It on the other hand was easy to apply and lasted. When I received your price list and realized that I could also get it for such a great price we ordered enough to do all 1200sq/ft. The floor looks like new again!

Thank you very much!

John & Martha Redick

Wood Nourish is Great! August 16 2013

The Tree Green Team is sooooo happy to have discovered Bo's Wood Nourish. We now use it exclusively on all our fine furniture pieces when a oil finish is requested. The finish that this oil produces is beyond FANTASTIC. We have tried several other types of oil finishes for our products and nothing comes close to the results we have received from High on Health's special Bo's Wood Nourish .Thanks so much and our clients thank you too.

Melanie Steadman

Karma LOVES Hempaw Cookies! May 02 2013

Thank you for the High on Health products, my dog Karma loves them!! I have made Bo's Hempaw Cookies and Karma will do almost anything to get one, even the dogs at the dog park follow me sniffing my pocket. The pocket where I keep the homemade bite size cookies!!!

Karma's fur is very healthy now and easy to comb, which I give credit to using Bo's Hempaw Oil. I have been putting it in her food daily now for several months. Her skin is no longer dry, flaky, and she hardly ever itches and scratches anymore. I am a true believer in High on Health and I believe Karma would agree!

Thank you!

Shelagh (& Karma)

Bo's Very Own Hemp Oil February 01 2012

I've been using this beautiful Hemp oil for about 5 or 6 months now and I immediately noticed my skin looking at least 20 years younger. It took away the brown spots, rough areas and discolouration and left it smooth and soft. I now use it on my face, in my ears, everywhere. It is safe and effective then anything I've ever used. The lavender and vitamin C are essential to this Hemp oil as they have anti-bacterial and many healing and rejuvenating qualities as well.

I research everything. This is just mother earth's best doing her best for our best. But the best part is every winter for the past 3 years, I have gotten dermatitis. This oil has effectively healed this in 1.5 weeks which usually lasts 4 weeks or more. It healed it and took away the itching getting it better in over half of the time. Amazing healing and beautifying oil. The other thing I've noticed is that I don't burn anymore as the natural SPF of HEMP is transferred so it seems. Mother Earth provides once again.

Thanks again Bo for growing hemp and healing the earth and the air and recreating it for our health.

LauraLee K. Harris