Woof! Why Pets Love Hemp Too July 25 2014

Like humans, our companion animals need a whole foods diet to stay healthy and vibrant. Hemp is not only a superfood for people, but for animals as well.

While the movement toward including hemp into our pets’ diets is still relatively new, veterinarians are starting to discover the value of this miracle food and recommend it.

Hemp is all-natural, and free from allergens such as soy and lactose. Hemp oil and hemp seeds are an excellent source of oil, protein, and fibre, plus the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. These are not synthesized by the body but play a vital role in pet health.

Hemp is easily digestible and shown to aid the body in recovery work as well as maintain good health. Add hemp to your dog or cat’s diet and you will likely start to notice a healthier coat, fewer skin problems, increased energy, and better joint and immune system function.

If you already make treats at home for your beloved companions, try adding hemp. Google “hemp dog treat recipes” to get ideas, and consider picking up a bag of Bo’s Hempaw Cookie Mix.

This pet-happy mix contains hemp seed, hemp flour, oatmeal, brown rice and flour…just add water and peanut butter. These make great training treats!