You Say Hippie Like It’s a Bad Thing July 18 2014

The demand for raw materials in the name of fashion has long been a topic of debate. The environmental devastation that is conventional cotton production is widespread, with its agrochemical use and enormous water requirements topping the list of eco-hostile growing practices.

Organic cotton doesn’t use all those pesticides and fertilizers but is still a thirsty plant, requiring hundreds of litres of water to produce a single t-shirt. Happily, hemp fibre is making a comeback. It is increasingly popular for textiles and clothing, home furnishings, carpeting, paper, even auto parts. In precious water terms alone, hemp is by far the best choice, followed by organic cotton and bamboo.

Don’t worry though - hemp clothing has come a long way from its roots in hair-shirted hippie-dom! The fabric feels great next to your skin and hemp has incredible environmental benefits. It builds soil composition instead of exhausting it, and is usually grown organically, without pesticides or fertilizers.

The bark of the hemp stalk contains “bast” fibres, which are some of our earth’s longest natural fibres. The fibre is stronger, more absorbent, and more insulative and “breathable” than cotton. And because it is a fast growing crop, hemp produces more fibre yield per acre than most other raw sources.

Hemp fibre can wick moisture off the body and keep wearers cool and comfortable, even on humid summer days! Hemp is also anti-bacterial, so clothing made from it is resistant to odours, making it a perfect choice for travel.

And, if you need more reasons to wear it, hemp clothing is great for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities due its hypoallergenic qualities. From sweatshirts to dress shirts, dresses to pants, browse our selection of eco-friendly hemp clothing and let your hippie flag fly!