Team Up with Hemp for Muscle Building and Fat Loss August 29 2014

Whether you’re on a plant-based diet or just looking for alternative sources of (delicious!) protein, hemp is your answer.

Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete, bestselling author, and formulator of the award-winning plant-based Vega nutritional products, writes in The Thrive Diet,

“I find the digestibility of hemp protein to be superior to all other proteins I’ve tried. Since hemp protein is raw, its naturally occurring digestive enzymes remain intact, allowing the body to utilize it with the greatest of ease, reducing digestive strain. Because of its easy digestibility and absorption, hemp protein is a good replacement for other proteins, and, in fact, you will need to consume less protein if you choose a high-quality protein like hemp: Quality, not quantity, is paramount.

A high-quality complete protein such as hemp is instrumental not only in muscle and tissue regeneration but also fat metabolism. Protein, once ingested, instigates the release of a hormone that enables the body to more easily utilize its fat reserves, which in turn will improve endurance and facilitate loss of body fat.”

What’s not to love?!

Hemp is a powerful vegetable protein (one of the richest sources of vegetable protein in the world with a nutritional profile similar to milk) that contains omega-3 fatty acids and all 10 essential amino acids, which must be obtained through diet, as the body doesn’t produce them.

These powerhouse nutrients not only promote muscle growth and boost energy, but also help delay the signs of aging and encourage radiant looking skin.

For a healthy hemp nutrient charge, give Bo’s Turbo Boost drink mix a try. This customer favourite combines British-Columbian Spirulina algae, Ontario-grown raw hemp seed, and the highest-quality ground Chia seed with chlorophyll, nutrients and trace-minerals for a guaranteed pick me up.

Just add 1 tablespoon of this wholesome green power mixture to a bottle of water and shake it up, or add to your morning smoothie!