Why Choose Hemp Protein for Wellness? June 28 2014

Written by Meghan Coles

Protein is a necessary staple in our diets; how each person chooses to maintain their protein levels can vary depending on dietary constraints. Popular sources are typically meat, fish, eggs and dairy, however, for those eating a vegetarian diet, or maybe just moving towards the “meatless Monday” trend, finding alternate sources can be tricky. 

With more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of limiting meat protein, even if just for digestion, demand on alternate protein resources is on the rise. Hemp protein is becoming increasingly popular for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. 

There are many benefits to incorporating hemp protein into your diet. While being easily digestible, it is also known to slow digestion, allowing for more sustainable energy levels throughout the day. This is helpful for anyone who feels that mid-afternoon drag, which typically results in another visit to the coffee pot or a sweet treat resulting in a second energy crash once the sugar high wears off! It’s important to ensure that your food choices are serving you best, and that means keeping you full and alert throughout the day.

Hemp protein is classified as a complete protein as it contains the 10 amino acids that we as humans do not naturally produce. The consumption of these additional amino acids, typically found in meat, eggs, fish and dairy, supports muscle growth, mental acuity and normal body maintenance. 

Hemp products are an excellent choice for vegetarians seeking an alternate source of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Fish tends to be the front-runner as a strong source for these Omega’s, however, it is not always a suitable choice, and does commonly contain dioxins and toxins that are not present in hemp Omega’s. 

Not to mention, the very pleasant and subtle flavour of hemp in comparison to fish, it may be a much easier way to ensure your little ones are getting their daily fill of essential nutrients.

Whether you’re looking for a new protein powder for your post work out shake, hemp seeds for you cereal or salad, or alternate oil for multiple uses, our High on Health Hemp Products have a variety to choose from. Head over to our recipes section to find out different ways to incorporate hemp into your diet!