Choose Healthy for Horses Pack from High on Health


Our horse and pony friends are like family to us at High On Health Hemp Products!  Adding hemp to their daily diet is beneficial for a variety of issues including, cardiovascular and digestive concerns, improving joint function, reducing inflammation, boosting immune response, and hemp also leaves manes and tails healthy and shiny!  Our "Choose Healthy for Horses" Pack contains:

BO'S HEMPAW OIL!  A pure honest dose of goodness! This popular daily supplement of cold-pressed hemp oil is nourishing and healing for pets and horses alike. Simply add listed amount to wet or dry feed, soaks right in.  500ml

 BO'S HEMPAW KIBBLETS!  A dietary supplement for exceptional pets! Improve their diet by simply shaking on this nutrient-rich, gluten-free, crushed, hulled hemp seed to dry or wet food. Source of Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, iron, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.  150g

BO'S HEMPAW GREENBITES - PEPPERMINT!  Incredible, natural hemp treats for your equine friends. Gluten free, 100% hemp seed fines (which include all the nutritious aspects of the seed: husk, shell, nut, and chlorophyl) are pressed into pellets for healthy hearts and shiny coats. We have then added a hint of food-grade peppermint essential oil to aid with digestion.  Barn tested - Horse and Pony approved!  210g


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